Saturday, 18 August 2012

Title 1

Here is a piece of work inspired by the steampunk stamps from the wonderful chocolate baroque. I was bored so a certain lady sent me away to punk something.  The work was inspired by another piece I did with Lynne RH. All the amazing embellies came from Craft Embelies 
The faces I made using resin plaster from Paperartsy. 
As I get to know this blogging stuff I will do or try to do all the fandangled things you all do.




  1. i love this , the colours the embelies,and i realy love the faces!

    1. Thanks Kay, really easy to do, made moulds from dolls etc.

  2. yay im your first follower well done my love and welcome to blogland xxxxx fabby make by the way im so glad your up n runnign its great that your sharing your most fabby work with us all xxx

  3. am so going to send you away more often !!! :o)) it's just fantastic my lovely another stunning piece of art from you !! xxx

  4. Woohoo welcome to blog land buddy, Fab artwork, great stamps, I agree inspiration from a very talented lady. Looking forward to your next post. Debbie