Monday, 26 November 2012


Hi so sorry I've not been around but have been mad busy. I recently did a Hels weekend with my local group the jollie Stampers and it was amazing. So so good to see all my dear friends, it felt like my little private get together.
There was Sue ( trouble follows me, I'm jinxed, ) Tucker, Jane( newly grunged ) Telford, lovely Jane, MOira, SArah catspurr  curl , Paddy( yes the paddy), KAth mucky paws, Lisa  ( stop phoning her work) DUffthe wonderful hosts JOan TUrner and her daughter RAchel who now has a new auntie ( me) cos I love her so much . The of course our very own Hels( strictly springy co..,) Sheridan I will post pics of the work. 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Title 1

How women may perceive themselves by Harriet.


Title 1

Morning would like to promote a new site for your artwork and place to exhibit 
It's called Bohemian Artists 

Emma's work on Frida Kahlo inspired by jan richards