Thursday, 20 February 2014

20-02-2014 18_58_28

Also did some challenges with my friends, yes, I do have some, they are all very skilled, much more than me, especially in louisms .

20-02-2014 18_53_26

On a roll the wind has gone , right now for the sad bit. 
Went to a brill weekend with my frozen muckers, we did some brill stuff with Hels Sheridan, have to name drop the little ' ol tucker , as in sue tucker industries, few other peeps, u may know them but this wind will stop play if I don't post now

20-02-2014 18_49_28

Ok have been trying all week, not just as a person. But trying to blog. I am going crazy with the wind. Only time I'm up for challenges, the inter..... Do DAH isn't.

20-02-2014 18_46_18

Right this wind is really really annoying, I can't send ought .

Good intentions

And this too, this one by one business seems to be the ticket , 
Now post it

20-02-2014 17_45_01

Right , wind , is a real problem here, I've tried to do this several times but , oh no, wind stops play so I will do it one by blooming one
Something we knocked up at the Hels weekend.

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Have had a crazy couple of weeks, we lost a colleague and her unborn child a couple of weeks ago and this has really sent the school reeling with the shock and the loss of such an amazing person and teacher. 
I wanted to do something personal so was really happy to do the front of  her condolence book. I had to stop reading it as it was heart breaking. 
Here it is, her husband told me she would have loved it. She was a lovely, serene and calm person and I hope this reflects that. I have used chocolate baroque stamps here.
On a lighter note I have been doing other stuff too, 
Not so happy with these as they need more work. WIPMy a5 sketchbook. Stamped into grunge paste then aged it.
This is an old card, that I had forgot about but the other flowers will be similar when finished.
These are my bindi bugs, and am pleased to say they have a brilliant new home with the lovely and amazingly talented Sue  Roddis.Steam punk birdhouse.Cover of my journal FINN style