Thursday, 20 February 2014

20-02-2014 18_58_28

Also did some challenges with my friends, yes, I do have some, they are all very skilled, much more than me, especially in louisms .

20-02-2014 18_53_26

On a roll the wind has gone , right now for the sad bit. 
Went to a brill weekend with my frozen muckers, we did some brill stuff with Hels Sheridan, have to name drop the little ' ol tucker , as in sue tucker industries, few other peeps, u may know them but this wind will stop play if I don't post now

20-02-2014 18_49_28

Ok have been trying all week, not just as a person. But trying to blog. I am going crazy with the wind. Only time I'm up for challenges, the inter..... Do DAH isn't.

20-02-2014 18_46_18

Right this wind is really really annoying, I can't send ought .

Good intentions

And this too, this one by one business seems to be the ticket , 
Now post it

20-02-2014 17_45_01

Right , wind , is a real problem here, I've tried to do this several times but , oh no, wind stops play so I will do it one by blooming one
Something we knocked up at the Hels weekend.