Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Think i will try my Luck again

Hi Everyone thought I would try my luck with my Blog again as not all my friends are on FB
I am really blessed to have such a brilliant FB group. I started it over a year ago as a place where people that like myself, suffer with physical illness and also mental health illness, could go to, try to forget about their problems, create work, then show it in the group without any fear of negativity. Its so important to make time for yourself and not feel guilty about having your OWN TIME its all too easy to " just do", "must do", "should do" so that your OWN TIME NEVER HAPPENS. if the guilt does kick in i sit and ask my self the questions, " Is it essential, life threatening, important or can it wait", then i can feel ok and chill having giving my self permission to have my OWN TIME.
JJJAMA is such a friendly, supportive, helpful and safe group, where everyone is encouraged to produce work, that other members then comment on. I am hoping to Blog frequently and hope it becomes interactive with my Group too. 
I have put up my ATC swap pictures, i think they are ok, ( I am not good at liking my stuff) and hope when I or JJJAMA members do amazing stuff i can put it on here too.
thanks for taking time to read this, 
its very much appreciated and till next time. xx