Saturday, 28 April 2018

 Hello everyone (4 of you )
I have been having a de-stressing time with the lovely Pink Ink Designs. I have a huge love for all crafts, beading and embroidery being one of them so after my Large piece for Indigoblu I wanted to continue and do some smaller ones for Cathie and Mel.
 Fairy Mouse,
 Detail of the flowers, I used the Amsterdam Binder and water as a fabric stabilizer so i could cut them out with out fraying.
This is me, the ugly duckling, tries hard to get it right but never does lol
the Diva Bee lol
When i have been sampled out for my Hochanda Tv shows I have reached for these and chilled, using my pens and embellishing the lines.
Please have a look at the PINK INK products they are AMAZING.