Sunday, 29 April 2018

Hi I'm so honered to be asked to have a spot in lous blog and hopefully il be back to add more, I first met lou when I found her Facebook group junk journals and mindful mixed media I had never really joined in with groups I always just watched other people's posts but I decided to give the weekly competition a go and I won I really really won! I was over the moon and then lou offered to help me with the Royal talens oils she demos on hochanda then

we got talking and asked me to join her design team which I thought she was just being nice at first but nope again I was really really part of an amazing team of very talented artists (I still can't believe it).

Then from there Lou just kept helping and pushing me and then she recommended me to be on studiolight design and again I got picked! Lou really is my fairyart mother! I have never met this lady in real life and yet she goes out of her way to help anyone in anyway she can, she really is a very special woman and I can't thank her enough for all her help because I would never have had the convidenece to put art work forward of she hadn't of pushed me.

I am also a part of a mdf design team for Samantha k I used the golden products and talens with the studiolight on her substrates I feel like the luckiest person alive doing what I love and working with so many talented people who really are the best of friends to have.
Here is some of my work I have done for lou over the past year.

Thank you Louise Withers you are one in a  million xxxxx